A Note From Tony DiTerlizzi

Well, it’s from him through is assistant anyway.

You may recall from my Search for WondLa post earlier, that there had been some questions about the touted tie-in website with “WondLa-Vision” and why it seems to have been abandoned.  I sent the question through Mr. Terlizzi’s website and received the response below from his assistant.  Yea, internet!

“Hi Jim,

Tony is happy to hear that you have been enjoying The Search for WondLa and have chosen the series for your Goodreads group. “WondLa-Vision” was deactivated due to the amount of work and costs associated with maintaining it on the website. Since it is a web-based activity it required constant browser updating and attention in order for it to be continuously accessible for fans.

As Tony would say, never abandon imagination,



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One Response to A Note From Tony DiTerlizzi

  1. Dana Rahman says:

    Just picked up the first book to read to my kids from Barnes & Noble. I was very sad to find out that the WondLa Vision doesn’t work..it was a big selling point for me. Oh well, thank you very much for posting this, I was going nuts trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. We will still enjoy the book though. 🙂

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