The Search for WondLa

7327327Over on the Goodreads group, we’ve started reading and discussing Tony DiTerlizzi’s The Search for WondLa.  It’s the tale of a girl, a robot, and the search for others like herself.  One weird thing we noticed is the frequent mention of “WondLa-Vision” in the promotion of this book, which has a sequel and a third one on the way.  But when you go to the website, it says the WondLa-Vision has been deactivated.  That seems very strange for a series still in progress.  The paperback for this book only just came out in 2012.  Is WondLa-Vision expensive to maintain?  Did it just not work?  Ah well, I’ve emailed the author.  We’ll see if there’s a response.

In the meantime, enjoy this old fashioned SF/fantasy with a strong female lead.  Can’t have enough of those in the world.  I’ve just started it and it has a great beginning.  It’ll be interesting to see how it compares to a previous pick,  Zita the Spacegirl.

“This book makes me wish I could draw. From the co-creator of Spiderwick Chronicles, The Search for Wondla is a fabulous cross between sci fi and fantasy. A young girl, raised in an underground bunker by a motherly robot, is suddenly forced to the surface and finds that the world is radically changed — if it’s even the planet she thought it was. The story is fascinating by itself, but the illustrations add a whole new dimension to the adventure. Highly recommended.”  -Rick Riordan


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