Sword & Laser Kids Podcast ep. 7 – The False Prince

TheFalsePrinceIn this one you get to see my goofy mug, hear some crazy news and get a wrapup of this months pick and a brief preview of next month’s.

The not-that-big-news is that I’m handing over the day-to-day upkeep and monthly picking of books to members Cliff and Beth.  I just feel bad that it’s hard for me to always do this on a timely schedule with all the other things going on.  I’ll still be as involved as I can and will still be on the Goodreads site and will keep up this blog but what with the face-to-face book club I’ve been in for almost a decade and running my school’s 4th/5th grade Reader’s Rally team (another fifteen books to read) I just worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep to the schedule.  Plus it’s nice to have more than one person doing it.  It is a club after all and I’ve had less than great luck finding good co-anchors.

So anyway, here’s a talking head video of me for the last podcast (I can’t bring myself to say “vlog” for some reason).  I’m not saying I won’t do more, but just not regularly for the time being.  Enjoy!


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