Goodreads Poll for next SF pick!

school-poll-resultsIt’s a crazy voting frenzy over there!  Among the Hidden and The Search for WondLa are neck and neck.  Which will win?  Or will a dark horse take the lead in the last few days of voting?  Who knows?

Head on over there and vote if you haven’t.  Or don’t.  Either way I will continue to blog about SF/Fantasy and other books for your geeklings here on the Sword & Laser Kids.  Not sure about the Goodreads thing.  Might let that fade away depending on the outcome of the voting and the amount of discussion on The False Prince which at the moment has…wait, let me tally up the numbers…one!  One member response.  Not that that’s a bad thing.  But one response does not a book club discussion make. One comment on a blog post is fine.  It happens.  So it’s cool.  But I don’t need to run a forum and a podcast and a blog for one or two interested parties.  Especially one or two interested parties that could do just as good or even better of a job of all that than I am.  I think the blog and it’s comment section will suffice nicely for our purposes.

If you are reading this and are interested in taking over a cool Goodreads group with a lot of potential, let me know in the comments.

Meanwhile, I have some blog posts to get ready for.  The False Prince, of course.  But also geek items at the Scholastic Book Fair, holiday gift ideas, how to get your geeks out of a reading rut, as well as book and author reviews and summaries.  If there’s anything you’re interested in, let me know and I’ll write about that as well!

Thanks, and keep on reading!

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