Amulet: Escape From Lucian

How jealous are you?  We pre-ordered Amulet 6: Escape from Lucian way back when and, as promised it showed up yesterday along with Reina Telgemeier’s Sisters.  Two awesome graphic novels my daughter and I have been waiting for forever at the same time!?  Wow.

Anyway, I’ll just cover the Amulet book since it’s the fantasy of the pair.  But let me just say that everything Reina Telgemeier does is amazing.

So I don’t know that we’ll do any of the Amulet books as part of the book club but man oh man are they good.  Kibuishi claims to have been influenced by Star Wars and the films of Miyazaki.  There’s a definite Castle in the Sky influence here, that’s for sure.

They are nearly perfect graphic novels for the elementary to middle school set.  Mysterious, enchanting art, thrilling adventure, with plenty of action as well as characterization.  They don’t talk down to kids nor are they above their heads.  

It’s hard to summarize just one.  They’re all linked together.  The last couple don’t really even have endings so much as places where it fades off like the chapter of a novel which you’ll just have to wait a year or two to get to the next chapter. The Wikipedia page for the series doesn’t so much as summarize as lift the back matter off the books, but it’ll get you up to speed and let you know right away if you’d be interested in them,  Then there are links to the individual titles, but like all Wikipedia pages they are spoilery so those are best avoided until you’ve read them.

Let’s just say that there are magic amulets, an alternate fantasy world through a portal, kick butt kids, giant flying machines and robots, and elf army and some gorgeous art you’ll want to go back and linger over after flying through the book for the plot.

And yes, Kazu Kibiushi is the same artist who has been doing the new covers for all the Harry Potter books.


Here’s him at work in his studio: 



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