Podcast Episode 1: City of Ember Kick Off!

Hey, we’ve been cooped up in our house for almost a week due to crazy winter weather so my 11-year-old co-host and I decided to make a couple of podcasts.  The first one is in that little player above this text (if I’ve figured this embedding thing out).  It’s a short introductory chat about City of Ember.  I know it’s a couple weeks early but hey, we’re anxious to get going.  This will also give everyone plenty of time to get and read the book before we post the second podcast.  We recorded the second one the same day and go into more discussion of the book, but won’t post it until later in March.  After this we’ll record the podcasts with an eye to responding to comments and questions on the Sword & Laser Kids Goodreads forum once that starts gearing up.

Thanks for listening and please post your thoughts about the books over on Goodreads.


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